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New Event! Environmentally Themed Art Show

April 9, 2012

Milieu Exterior: Translations of an Immediate Environment 

Group Exhibition of Environmentally Themed Digital Art presented by the Center for Simulation, Visualization, and Real Time Prediction

Thursday, April 19, 2012

6:00p – 7:00p Advanced Visualization Lab – MS Building 1.03.06

Over the last century as industrial progress has peaked production on many fronts, scientists are beginning to speculate on the limited level of natural resources available for our unlimited potential.

As part of UTSA’s Earth Week events, Milieu Exterior: Translations of an Immediate Environment brings together a combination of artists who present their reaction to these issues in several ways.

  • Francesca Samsel is inspired by the need to provide a deeper understanding of environmental science to a more informed public audience.
  • Sabra Booth shows “Slick”, an animated short that satirizes the impact of the 2010 BP oil spill on the Gulf Coast. The animation uses actual events but also creates potential fantastic outcomes.
  • UTSA Professor, Jayne Lawrence uses subtle imagery to represent our physical selves and the environment that we construct for ourselves to inhabit.
  • UTSA student, Jennifer Kennedy alters common industrial environments to blur the difference between purpose and visceral self-expression.

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